The Butterfly and the Dog

dog and butterfly

Photo by Renee Carter on Unsplash She’s a butterflyFlutteringA sip of this nectarA bit of showing off her coloursNow resting on the windowWings apart.Now flying aboutWith not a care in the world. She’s a dog with a boneShaking itGripping itClenching it in its jawsThrowing it and retrieving itAnd her body tremblesIn fearof being not enough. […]

The Same

Why we walk with our heads buried into our phones: To escape the same-sameness of this street corner, or that street corner, full of Starbucks, Costas and Prets! To escape the buy buy of unaffordable items. The knick knack shops, dust collectors, fake presents, nobody wants. To escape the have have the now now the […]

C++ A-list

Hanging out on meatspaces A-list coders are 21st C++ Rock Gods their skills undemocratisable nor easily attained. They can make or break Obama’s healthcare plans more than Republicans shutting down Congress. They picture-frame, package and pedestal an increasing majority of culture and experience – yet are perceived like broadcast engineers – clever functionals, technicians, not […]

Ducks and Drakes

The memory lane in Brighton is not on any street map; I can’t find it off North Street or in the South Lanes. Nor is it a dead end. It’s more like a two-way where past and future keep passing each other. I compare facades of buildings, material things, changing. I look, and look again. […]

prose cutors *

Your son wants to be a rapper now, like Eminem – you say Don’t listen to this shit he has no right to invade your skin like a razorblade in the morning, cutting prose to a number 1, shaving words into rotten poetry. Your wife calls him the soldier of prose, not one for daisies […]

Asphalt Art

Walking with my camera on a sunny day, I’m reminded of The Boyle Family’s reconstructions of pavements as pieces of sculpture, and a poem I wrote in 2003. Throwing Darts at a Map of the World A pebble stuck on asphalt, tyre-prints on yellow lanes, the essence of dust in the gutter. Broken glass shimmers, […]


Night out Halloween horrors painted in white ketchup on shirts, cloaks and costumes swaying, beer in hand The castle backdrop Lit up against the ghosts Leaves falling Leaves falling I reach my door A couple eats fish n chips in their car
. Far far away from the seafront.