Photo by Renee Carter on Unsplash

She’s a butterfly
A sip of this nectar
A bit of showing off her colours
Now resting on the window
Wings apart.
Now flying about
With not a care in the world.

She’s a dog with a bone
Shaking it
Gripping it
Clenching it in its jaws
Throwing it and retrieving it
And her body trembles
In fear
of being not enough.

The butterfly is still, momentarily.
She’s trying to settle the dog
‘I’m taking that bone away’
Divine idea.
But now the dog
Sits in front of her
One more time
One more throw
One more – ‘Just have fun’
With that bone.
‘I like you.’

How do you say no to that?
That dog is also awareness
That dog is joy
That dog is a companion

Without the dog
Our life is
A still lake
Without a ripple

Without the butterfly
Life is without colour
And no fruits.

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