Sustainable Filmmaking

Our Carbon footprint for The Oil Machine. Above is our final footprint for our production for The Oil Machine / Black Black Oil documentary. 4.39 tonnes of CO2.  Our biggest carbon contributor was our Travel and Transport as we filmed all over Scotland and the UK and there was additional travel during post production within […]

A New Start

A new start

2020 was a year like no other in my memory. I took exactly one flight – to Berlin, and otherwise stayed in my Edinburgh flat, punctuated by some Walk With Me excursions in the parks of the city, talking to people on the phone. Like many others, I set up my home office and struggled […]

The Butterfly and the Dog

dog and butterfly

Photo by Renee Carter on Unsplash She’s a butterflyFlutteringA sip of this nectarA bit of showing off her coloursNow resting on the windowWings apart.Now flying aboutWith not a care in the world. She’s a dog with a boneShaking itGripping itClenching it in its jawsThrowing it and retrieving itAnd her body tremblesIn fearof being not enough. […]

Hello and why now?

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   Malaga Cathedral makes you feel extraordinarily small.


   This uplifting building took my breath away. And inside: full of food stalls and deliciousness.